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What does bugging means?

To electronically pollute a room with the help of spy transmitters or cameras is called bugging. This is the process of adjusting a sophisticated transmitter chewing gum sized deep inside at your office, home or vehicle  in order to listen to your conversation  at the  receiving end. In this technological age all we have is “information” if somebody else has your information the situation could be dire by dire.

 What does the term “sweeping” or “debugging” stand for?

To electronically clean a room is called sweeping. It is the process in which we make sure whatever is said or discussed in the room, office, and vehicle, a premise, through communication mediums, other electronic or electrical devices is not being compromised or monitored. We thoroughly scan each & every place having a scope for bugging.

 How can one tell he is being monitored or bugged?

It’s not that easy as it may sound but you get a hunch and  most of the times we ignore things thinking we are imagining things & we are public. See to it, if your information is not your any more ,  Strange sounds coming out of your electronic devices , any unusual or subtle change in your any items like desk , bed , sofa , furniture , doors & windows , table , lights , chairs , cupboards ,  other small items , etc. Any unexpected guests or help without being asked at your home or office , any caller asking for your details. Easy access to your computer and laptop and inclusion or exclusion of few extra things.

 What is the time duration for a sweep or to detect a bug?

It  depends upon  the area & the size of the place and the number of  items to be analyzed  or scanned.

 What should one do if he suspects of bugging?

First of all consult a professional & seek assistance as its always better not to take chances. In the meantime be patient and  continue your routine as normal as possible. Avoid discussing relevant and sensitive issues , if it is important discuss it in person far away from your  normal surroundings and also not discuss it over the phone.

 What is the percentage of being bugged?

These days with the advancement of technologies the percentage has gone up drastically and 6 to 7 cases out of ten is positive.

 Why us on a TSCM Sweep?

We believe in going extra miles and giving our best to our clients. Our loyalty towards them would be unparalleled. We make sure of making our clients understand the nuances of the trade , elaborating each and every aspect related & more importantly full assistance by our respective representative pre sweeping  & post sweeping be it their questions, queries or anything.

A Company Is Most Vulnerable to A Bugging Attack When:


A Company Is Most Vulnerable to A Bugging Attack When: A key executive leaves. Business expansion or reorganization plans



What to Do When You Think You Are Being Bugged:


Special precautions must be practiced if you suspect bugging or wiretapping. The following should be used as a general. rule if you believe you have been bugged.



What NOT to Do When You Think You Are Being Bugged:


Many TSCM Survey/Bug Sweeps have been compromised or ruined because the guidelines, below, were not followed. It is important that